Introducing 6750 Crepe Jersey. This is a light weight viscose 4-way stretch from one of Italy’s finest jersey mills.   Crepe by definition possesses a textured or grained-like surface. There are number of different way this can be achieved, twisted or textured yarns, special chemical treatments or weaves and even embossing. In the case of 6750 – this would […]

The Holiday Seasons is upon us. It’s a time when we gather with our nearest and dearest, and even those who are not so dear.   A time to feast and a time to play. It’s a time for reflection on the year that was, and a time to make new plans the year ahead.  A time of deep […]

    Sometime during the 16th century lace was invented. As with most thing made in the 16th century it was made by hand. Then came the Industrial revolution and with it the Leavers machine, replacing made-by-hand lace with made-by-machine. Modern-day lace created on Leavers – and we are talking here about exquisite laces from the French […]

Grosgrain [groh’-grayn] A firm, closely woven ribbed fabric in full widths or in ribbon widths… It is woven in a plain or variation of the plain weave in which two filling yarns are woven as one. Used for ribbons, neckties, trimming and millinery. Fairchild’s Dictionary of Textiles 7th Edition We love grosgrain ribbon at The […]

  The whole is greater then the sum of it’s parts. The humble button. A relatively small detail often overlooked. In essence they are a closure. And perhaps this is the beauty of well selected, and well placed button, you do not notice them first, rather you notice a perfectly made coat or jacket or shirt. Natural buttons… We love the […]

  This past Sunday millions tuned in for the Academy Awards to acknowledge the writers, producers, actors and everyone else in between for their part in the making of cinema. A glamorous affair to say the least. I’ll admit, I am an under-informed viewer – way behind on the list of nominees and award winners – but I watched none-the-less because […]

Trims. They can be that defining detail which elevates a garment from merely good to utterly sublime. This week we would like to show you our trim #3648, a Sequin/Braided Cord (as seen above) from the Austrian maker HOH (Hoferhecht Stickereien). Straight from their site: “The brand HOH Hoferhecht Embroideries stands for creative high-end embroideries, especially sequins-creations…” HOH is […]

Happy-almost-Valentine’s Day! Forget cinnamon hearts, chocolate, lingerie and love letters. Think cozy. Think Persian Shearling. From one of Italy’s preeminent tanneries, known for their exquisite goat and lambskins, this 100% sheepskin is just that – exquisite. Completely reversible – the surface is a beautiful supple black leather, and the reverse an incredibly soft prune coloured fur with a slight curl. […]

We’ve got a sweet deal here at the Fabric Room. Starting today – February 5th to February 19th we are having a sale on fabric# 3290. And this is no ordinary lace, this lace is from the exclusive French house of Sophie Hallette. If you are not familiar with this company – you are certainly familiar […]

The Fabric Room is happy to announce the introduction of 50 shades of “Toast” (Well 67 to be exact!). And we’re not talking breakfast, we’re talking beautiful, supple Italian jersey, a unique knit #1300 named ‘Toast’ by one of Europe’s finest mills. Toast,  a proven quality for the Lida Baday collection, was used in hundreds of winning styles to create the perfect little […]

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